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rumor de olas quebrándose
rumor de olas quebrándose
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19th-Jul-2012 06:34 pm - 20

really random batch of images i found on tumblr, all fashion-y
-Credit please

yes, this is a kiss that i swear will blow your mindCollapse )

17th-Jul-2012 05:20 pm - 019
Super tiny post featuring Nathalie Emmanuel

i will cry when i see her and dany togetherCollapse )
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7th-Jul-2012 11:56 pm - 018
Icons from the trailer of Les Adieux a la Reine and Lea Seydoux in Asos Magazine

bloop bloopCollapse )
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27th-Mar-2012 12:29 am - 017
Lenora Crichlow Interview
And Sunshine icons, mostly of my prince, Cillian Murphy

this post was made out of my sweet, sweet tearsCollapse )
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2nd-Mar-2012 01:49 am - 015

Being Human Season 4
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a barn?Collapse )

21st-Feb-2012 06:38 pm - 014

idk what to put here, just clickCollapse )

~Animated icons: Mostly of Cora Emmanuel, some of Being Human,and two of Ming Xi
~Still icons of several models and some of Zoe Saldana
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3rd-Feb-2012 07:25 pm - 013
~ M.I.A's music video for Bad Girls

Bad girls do it wellCollapse )

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19th-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - 012
~Small model post. Mostly still icons including of one of my fave blondes, Dioni Tabbers.
~5 animated icons of Simone Carvahlo

some boobies behind the cut so maybe nsfwCollapse )

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3rd-Jan-2012 09:42 pm - 011

Cora Emmanuel

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latest girl crushCollapse )
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